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Welcome to the Risk Assessment Factory:

Are you tired of paying costly Health and Safety consultants to ensure your company is complying with health and safety laws?

Have you thought about the time you’ve wasted searching for all the laws your company is supposed to be complying with?

Do you worry about the DoL showing up at your door unannounced to check if you are complying with the OHS Act?

The Risk Assessment Factory is now a one stop solution to all your health and safety needs.

We have a new range of products to help you update and manage your health and safety system, making sure you’re ready for any DoL inspection:

- Health and Safety Assistant: The Health and Safety Assistant provides up to date guidelines, checklists and templates on what is happening in the health and safety industry, how to comply and help you start and manage your health and safety system. Simply choose the relevant chapters for your business (Risk assessment, PPE etc) and off you go! Gone are the days where you had to buy an entire book where only half of it applied to you. Now you can order only the chapters you are interested in.

- Risk Assessments: This is our flagship product and best seller! Order your custom risk assessments to enable you to evaluate risks when using certain machinery or working in a specific location. This is task and machinery specific. Designed in Microsoft Excel, it’s simple and easy to use. Just answer yes or no and it automatically calculates the results for you.

- Inspection Forms: Be ready for any DoL inspection by downloading our easy to use inspection forms like Workplace facility inspection, light motor vehicle inspection, hand tool inspection, gas welding inspection, Firefighting equipment inspection, etc.

- Appointment Letters: By law you must formally appoint people in various health and safety roles. We have made life easier bny compiling all the appointment letters you may need in your business. And what’s better is you can purchase only the ones you need for YOUR business. We are busy with the development of legal appointment letters specific to a country's legislation.

- Procedure Templates: Downloadable templates to help you draft a complete health and safety procedure for your company. For example; do you allow smoking in the offices? If not then you need to have a procedure prohibiting this.

- H & S Software: We have created auditing software to audit your health and safety system, based on OHSAS 18001 and legal compliance audits in terms of legislation. This software is developed to measure your performance against legislation requirements and OHSAS 18001 system requirements. We are busy with the development of different audits systems for different countries.

H & S Training Manuals: By law you, as an employer, must train your employees on all your health and safety procedures in your company. We have custom designed training material available to do your own in-house training and safe money. You can order only the training manuals that you need for your organisation.

Keep checking our page and follow us on Facebook. We will be adding new health and safety products every week…

Risk Assessment Factory aims to create a health and safety online solution for every-one in the world.

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